Open Letter to Saucony / by vanessa

Dear Saucony Product Development,

I just purchased my first pair of Sauconies (Hurricane 9s) after years of running in everything from New Balance to Asics to yes, even Nike. I absolutely love running in my new shoes. They're lightweight, well-cushioned, and supportive. Alas, I wish I had only praise for you.
Saucony, can't you spend just a little bit of time working on their aesthetics? While they're not exactly ugly, they are unnecessarily plain, and no one wants to look like the kid who gets picked last for kickball. You know that old Van Halen video, "Hot for Teacher?" Well, if I may, that's how I see your shoes. They are the plain little schoolmarms whose inner poledancers are just waiting to be unleashed. Does it make me shallow for wanting a superbly functional shoe to look cool, also? Might a more secure person turn her nose to fashion? Maybe, but my request remains. Can you please throw some orange in there, maybe a little red too? (You have the right idea with some of your retro shoes.)

Thank you kindly,