on and on and on / by vanessa

Next to genocide and onions the things I hate most are breakups*. They pretty much suck. And I feel really sad when my friends are dealing with them in any capacity. In a rare showing of pessimism, I'll ask this question: what's the point of relationships? Can't they only ever end in disappointment i.e. one person dies or you break up?

I suppose unless you're Mother Teresa or Gandhi (notice that both of whom are dead), it's impractical to live your life in abstinence or even Relationship Purgatory -- that state where you're in a relationship but you act like you're not -- in perpetuity. So I guess despite the pain and the fear and all that, you surrender again to the possibility of something new because there will always being something new. Et cetera.


I've decided to delete weird/rude comments. I'd like to think that I can brush shit off, but I'm not really that kind of girl. I could wait for enlightenment or for obtaining some other state where other people's criticisms no longer bug me, but what for - when it brings me greater pleasure to just delete what I don't want to look at?

*I wrangled with this sentence for a good 45 minutes. First it was: "Next to genocide and onions the thing I hate most is break-ups." Then it was: "Next to genocide and onions the thing I hate most are break-ups." And finally I settled on the one I posted. Any thoughts, my grammar friends?