no rusty nail? / by vanessa

It's booked! Well, it was a close race for vacation picks this year: Fiji, Bora Bora, Costa Rica, and Playa Del Carmen. In the end we realized we didn't want to spend our vacation in the midst of a military coup, amongst a mess of honeymooners, or driving a whole bunch (flight logistics...details...boring explanation) just to get to the good diving, so our neighbors to the south won. Plus, Mexico's cheap.

I'm going to need to brush up on my Spanish. Yeah, Alo's coming. Indeed, her limited translation skills will come in handy when we want to rent a car, say, or bail Havis out of jail... But for the really important stuff like, "What time is my massage?" and "Shark, it'd be cool if you didn't eat me," I might need to call in reinforcement.

It remains unknown if Dre will book too. She does like the Mexican boys. If nothing else, it'd be good for her to spend some time with her peeps. At this point I think I'm more brown than she is. (I'm not brown.)


If it's a competition between writing business requirements or use cases, I'll take the latter. Granted, this is like asking "Ford Taurus or Honda Civic?" so it's relative, sure, but there's something just a little bit saucy about that Civic.


Teaching = good. I had this revelation the other day. It goes like this: In my "regular" life I don't doubt my intuitive hits. They're just really accurate, and I know this. But when I'm teaching I question the inner voice stuff usually b/c when it comes up it doesn't make sense or, more likely, I'm afraid to listen. Oh, and so the piece for my logical mind, which was the revelation I had: if I believe my intuition to be true in my normal life, then I should also trust it when I'm teaching b/c it's no different. Even if I don't get it's purpose or meaning, just follow it as if I did. Exciting stuff, folks.


Omgosh sleepy. Running, yoga, yoga, yoga, and yoga this weekend. I should prob'ly throw some swimming in there too since there's no backing out of this triathlon mess I've gotten myself into.