nectarines are for sissies / by vanessa

Maybe no one cares about my 3-for-30 Campaign but I do, so I'm postin' anyway.

1. Ran (mostly) Runyon Canyon.
2. Drew some stuff for a series I just started. Note to self: Learn to draw.
3. I drove these two guys who were staying w/ me to the airport. This is LA so that's the equivalent of writing someone into your will.


In other news, I'm a terrible host. I had a friend from Chennai (who's been on a project in St. Louis for a few months) and his friend in town for the weekend. Unfortunately, unless your idea of fun is the Whole Foods, walking a bunch, talking only when necessary, and watching me scour old Domino magazines for ideas, I'm not much of a tour guide. When Dre has people visiting she hits all the culinary highlights and throws in a few tourist attractions too. I get sleepy just watching her. Me? I'm all, "Hey guys! Ever seen a farmer's market before?!" They were too gracious to complain. Tonight Hannah and Mark are coming. Fortunately, Hannah likes all of those things.