Namah / by vanessa

Just walked in from seeing Krishna Das, or, as my roommate likes to call him, Who?! He really turned that mutha out. As did his v. hot bongo player, Ty (sp?). They were recording the show tonight so we were told to hold our applause. Which was kinda strange -- to actually WANT to clap and you're not supposed to. Why doesn't this kinda stuff happen when I see shitty bands, like the Donnas or something? Where I could get a free pass NOT to clap when I could actually use it?


Either one of two things needs to happen with me and yogurt pretzels: I either need to not buy them again EVER, or I need to eat them all in one sitting so that I'm don't feel like such a loser with zero self-control for getting up, grabbing two, sitting down, immediately eating them, reminding myself that I'm not even hungry and I don't need anymore, waiting 30 seconds then getting up again and repeating the cycle again and again over a period of two days until I've eaten them all. Seriously.