NABbed / by vanessa

I'm exhausted.  (Which is how a play on NAB for a title escaped my better judgment.)   I spent the last two and a half days in Las Vegas to attend NAB, aka the second biggest convention in the US.  This was my third trip and definitely my favorite.  Why, you ask?  (Or rather, "Why, I-pretend-that-you ask?")

Because I won one of these!  Thank you, Microsoft.

I also have some more practical reasons.

  1. This year it finally all clicked for me.  I spend the better portion of my weeks thinking about and working toward building efficient supply chain management into a studio environment.  So when supply chain is the word(s) on the lips of IBM, Microsoft, Accenture, Sony, Fox, etc., I just get giddy.  Silly, really.  It was incredibly rewarding to know that the product we've been building is ahead of the game in many ways in our thought leadership, development, and roadmap.  
  2. Anyone who knows me knows I hate, hate, hate Vegas.  It's smelly, dirty, and smelly and dirty.  This year however, I decided that I was going to enjoy it.  Not everyone from my company gets to go to NAB, (and many would like to), so it's just not cool of me to be a sourpuss about it.  My resolve paid off.  I met a lot of engaging people, experienced the absurdity of bottle service,  and got to spend time with people I really enjoy working with outside of the day to day job.  It also helped that one of my favorite people in the world was there as an exhibitor w/ her company.   
And now, to catch up on the sleep that I haven't been getting for the past few days.
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