NAB, Vol. 2, Day 1 / by vanessa

I thought I'd kick it just like sxsw style and blog my way through NAB. (Hold on to your seats, folks. Nailbiting stuff.). NAB is a convention for broadcast/film engineering geeks. And M&E consultants.

Renee, Christine, and I are driving through the Mojave Desert (or Dessert, if you can't spell) right now. Yes, we decided to drive. When all is said and done you spend about the same of time as you would flying, but this way you get to stop for In-n-Out french fries. Breathtaking. The desert - not the fries- though those are pretty good. I love the desert. As great as this view is, I'm sick of sitting down.

On tap for tonight is meeting my friend for drinks after the Techicolor party. C says she's in for the night with work to do. I have some too but I'm determined to make a good time of this trip since in general, I hate Vegas. Everytime I come I swear it'll be my last and then somehow I end up back here. We're off on a good foot though - we just passed a billboard with the words, "Try one!" and a picture of a huge rifle. I feel like they couldve replaced the rifle with cheesepuffs for the same effect.