My top 5 / by vanessa

Right now I'm super into:

1. Beginners yoga classes. I've been on this kick lately where I've been taking Basic-level yoga instead of All-levels or Intermediate. I love it! So not only is it a chance to slow down, really get into my body, and break down postures, but what I really enjoy most is the spirit in the room. The classes are loaded with people brand new to yoga and I don't know if it's the earnestness that I'm picking up on, or the sincerity, but whatever it is feels really good.

2. The days getting longer. Growing up in Seattle, I used to think of the year in shades of grey from solstice to solstice. I'd get a little sad at the Summer Solstice because I knew it meant that the days would be getting shorter. And then I'd spark a little in late December as I knew it'd go back up again. I guess I forgot all about that when I lived in Texas b/c, well, you can't really complain when you're playing frisbee wearing shorts in January. Since moving north again, however, the shortness of days have had their effect on me. I could be wrong, but I swear I feel spring coming!

3. Assisting. I've been assisting at the studios for about the past two months. It rocks! At first I was resistant for various ego-rich reasons, but now I feel the beauty in this path and I'm deeply grateful for this opportunity. Just a few of the many things I'm lucky for: I'm learning to teach without using words; I am afforded the benefit of working in a room with really talented teachers, and watching the way in which they instruct and manage a room's energy; the opportunity to see subtle ways in which I still people-please; and, of course, I still get to help others only now it's with my hands.

4. Getting my cell phone back. 10 days later and still no cell phone. It's a long drama story involving fat-fingered orders, AT&T migrating to Cingular, blah blah blah, and all I know is I don't have my phone yet! Apparently it shipped today, so we'll see. I can't text on my land line which totally sucks it, and I'm about to go on a business trip tomorrow w/out a cell phone. I know people travelled in the past without them, but how? Anyways, I'm anxiously awaiting its return.

5. I really only have four things I'm super into right now.