My girl T / by vanessa

Tera hopped the pond this weekend in a joint-birthday present to each other. Our birthdays fall w/in a month of each other so rather than trading gifts that both of us would have been three months late on exchanging, we decided to split the cost of a ticket for her to come to Boston.

She arrived just as I was returning home from a really emotional teacher training class. As I met her at the door in near sobs, she greeted me with a huge hug and smile. Honestly, after that class I wanted to retreat inward and fast, so it was a godsend that she came to visit this weekend. We laughed our asses off at things that wouldn't be funny to probably anyone else on this earth, and, beautifully, we challenged each other in ways that were a testament to the twenty years we've known each other.

She may not know this, but her questions have lingered in my thoughts days afterwards, and it's only now that I'm realizing what a mirror she was for me. She also may not know that she *is* courageous -- I have spent years admiring her brave move to a different continent, marrying a really amazing guy, her ability to make friends with anyone, and the confidence with which she carries herself.

She's a remarkable girl, indeed.