My book would be called Eat, Sleep, Did I Mention Eat? / by vanessa

Back when I was still living in Boston, my friend Jane kept telling me about this book called Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. It's SO good, she told me. I blew it off because if there are two types of recommendations I've been burned on in the past (and I have) it's movies and books. Technically, there's a third one -- music -- but I ever since outsourced my musical tastes I am rarely disappointed.

Then I moved to sunny Los Angeles, and didn't hear about the book again until maybe two months ago where both of my friends, Denise and Kristin, have mentioned separately how great this Eat, Pray, Love is blah blah blah. Seeing how I knew each of those friends through yoga, I figured it was one of "those" books and I was doubly uninterested. Eventually? I buckled. Why? Well, I once walked past a book, hundreds actually, though one in particular, in Borders with the title If You Hear the Message Three Times, Listen. Damn you, Snazzy Marketers! You know I'm a sucker for signs like that. So I bought the book (Eat.. silly, not the ...Three Times one) and guess what? I really like it. It's a non-fiction chick book in a way that eludes me. I only know that I wouldn't recommend it to guys yet I have no idea why. Gilbert's writing reminds me of my own, except that she has talent, is funny, and has something to say. But other than those slight differences we're *very* similar.

She has this spiritual awakening one night that sets a divorce in motion and she eventually finds herself living abroad. The book chronicles her travels through Italy, India, and Indonesia. I'm not very far in, but I can't put it down. I was even reading it at stop lights tonight on my way to yoga. How American is that?

Now I recognize that I'm better known for my kombucha recommendations than my literary ones, so I'll simply say this: If you find yourself lost one day, this is a good book to pick up. If you happen to be a dude reading this, it's okay for you to get the book too. Let me know if you thought it was a chick book too or if I'm just being weird.


Went to a triathlon meeting tonight. Remember I'm swimming in one in three months and I don't swim? Yep. Still don't. I figure I can do anything for 27 minutes. Famous last words, right?!