Mushroom walks into a bar... / by vanessa

Min's mom is in town which means I'm really full on really good Indian food. Seriously, like the best Indian food I've ever had and I practice yoga so I know. Last time she was here she taught me how to eat w/ my fingers (any excuse to eat w/ my fingers is a good one). It's said that enzymes from eating w/ your fingers aid in digestion. I'll buy that -- and it's fun. Plus I have a thing against forks, too. Anyway, Dre and I got leftovers. I'm not a leftovers kinda girl, but I am now. We'll fight over who gets what in the morning.


Seriously? I have a VERY exciting line up of shows in front of me. Next weekend it's The Walkmen, then a couple weeks after, Albert Hammond Jr., then SoundTeam, then Arcade Fire. I don't even have to go to Coachella for all this. I'm learning that the trick to getting tickets to shows in LA is keeping my fingers to the keyboard. Which is partially why I completely freaked out that I had no Internet for the last 36 hours. I went into withdrawals -- foamy mouth, eyes rolling back in head. I looked weird. Fortunately Verizon's network came back up in the nick of time. I nearly gnawed off my own limbs.

Okay bedways. Have a great week.