Modern Girl / by vanessa

My time in Boston is coming to a close. I can't believe nearly a year has passed since this odyssey began. I've spent countless hours complaining about how much I hate the winter and the absence of a decent smoothie or passable kombucha and now that I know I'm leaving, I am already nostalgic.

A few weeks back -- when it was still 40 degrees *in May* -- I told a friend that I was going to write a book titled, "Why I Hate Boston: The Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter of My Discontent". Mostly I liked the title. Everyone here kept telling me to wait a little bit longer -- spring would change my mind. Spring has indeed arrived (I've written that before, I know), and its presence has melted my heart like fudge sauce to ice cream. Mmmm ice cream...

So I've been making a list of things to do in the NE before I leave.
1. Cape Cod. Check that off - did that today. Beautiful drive. Hyannis is adorable - well the town center atleast AND I had yummy vegetable curry, which of course Cape Cod is famous for.
2. Philip's studio in RI.
3. Alice's studio in Portland.
4. Acadia Nat'l Park.
5. Boston Aquarium.
6. NYC again.
7. Walden Pond.
8. Walden Pond.
9. Walden Pond.

But back to the Boston thing. Lest I give the impression that it's been miserable here, it has. Just kidding. Actually this has been one of the best decisions I've made in my life. I am happy in a way that I hadn't understood before and I'm constantly amazed by how blessed my life has been since moving here. I highly recommend going through a break-up, moving to a city where you know like two people, going to yoga with more frequency than most people change their underwear, and holing yourself up in your apartment the rest of the time. Oddly, it does wonders for the spirit.

Kristen and I are going to the Bahamas on Sunday. It's a short trip, but still I'm psyched to get some sun after being whitey for the better part of a year. We're doing a book club in preparation for our trip. That was her idea but I bit. My idea was sleeping on the beach for three days straight, but I guess I can keep my eyes open long enough to squeeze a book in.

I don't know what to say. I'm sad; I'm scared; I'm willing; I'm happy; I'm lucky; I'm lost; I'm carried; I don't know what's next; and some things dumb I don't have words for.