meow. / by vanessa

WARNING: Whining ahead.

Still there? Sucker...

1. I just got back from NAB in Las Vegas. I can't feel my toes. Seriously. I, exceedingly bright girl that I am, wore 3-inch spiky heels on the first day to walk probably 4 miles booth to booth in the convention center. Had I given it even a *little* thought when I was packing, it might have occurred to me that I should wear something comfortable (e.g. my Danskos). But I didn't.

I used to get my eyelashes done by this fantastic Jewish (relevant b/c we talked about Jewish-ness a lot) lady in Cheviot Hills who had fat injected into the balls of her feet so she could wear high heels. It sounded crazy at the time, but now that I've lost feeling in my own, it's sounding pretty cool. This must be how the slippery silicon slope happens...

2. I came home to find our doormat stolen. What the... ?!!! Who steals a doormat? It goes without saying it's lame and uncool, but seriously? Gross. You don't even know who's wiped their feet on that thing. And, that's just weird. When Dre's bike was stolen, it sucked, but I also rationalized that maybe that bike helped some homeless guy get to work or something. Mmhmm. But a door mat? It's definitely not a necessity. And I wonder... did he/she take it and they've got it sitting in front of their door somewhere and next time their friends come over and are like "hey I like your doormat (it WAS cute!) where'd you get it?" they answer "oh I picked it up in the 'hood"? Did I do that punctuation correctly? Probably not. But you get my point. Stealing my doormat is bizarre. It borders on some kind of fetish. Give it back.

3. Okay done squawkin. I get to go to the dentist tomorrow to get my teeth cleaned. Yea! I love getting free floss. Sadly, I'm SOOOOO serious.

That is all.