Memorial Day 2008 / by vanessa

Some updates:

1.  The consulting company I work for has been sold to an off-shore consulting company.  That's pretty big news.  
2.  I got my guitar back so now I can take up another hobby and then not have time for sleeping.  Yay!
3.  I successfully finished 16 days of cleansing - EPIC! - so today I ate about 15 chocolate peanut butter malt balls and roughly 1.5 tons of cookie dough.  I pretty much want to puke.  I also had a beet salad, but that doesn't really matter on account of all the sugar.  I also think I'm allergic to dairy.  Fascinating.
4.  Hav got me a session in a sensory deprivation tank, which is one of the COOLEST experiences I've ever had.  It's the best.  You float and you sleep.   It's like chillin' on a waterbed without the KC and the Sunshine Band background music.  
5.  I'm thinking of hosting spelling bees at my house.   I'm not sure if I have any friends who'd be takers (except Candice and maybe Joslyn, but she lives in SF) but it sounds like fun, doesn't it?
That's all.