MC Day 3... or, how to cheat on a cleanse / by vanessa

My friends, (I use the term loosely), thought it'd be funny to text me this evening while they're all out at happy hour.

"We're eating cracked pepper french fries," A-lo mocked.

"Mmm, dill sauce," Lo added.

You guys suck.

Actually, to be honest, it's not the french fries and pizza I dream about. It's the simple things, like toast or the corn tortillas my roommate had me get her at the Whole that I'm drooling over. Simple food. What I really miss most about eating is the chewing part. I never realized how much of my day is spent snacking until it's gone.

So, in addition to the green juice I've been drinking which is not on the cleanse, I've also been chewing gum like a greasy spoon waitress. Artificial sugar? Definitely not on the cleanse. I should call this the master-ish cleanse.

3 down, 7 to go.