Major Leagues / by vanessa

I've taken the Myers-Briggs test five times in the last 13 years.  And every time I've received the same results:  ENTP.  Decoded:

E = I like to be around people / I think about what I'm going to say after it's left my mouth.
N = Details bug me.  And also?  Don't boss me.
T = F*ck emotions.
P = Vanilla or chocolate?...Hmmm...Ooh!  I've been wanting vanilla... But chocolate looks so good!... Okay, vanilla....Damn! I should have gotten the chocolate.  That looks way better...

Over the years I've moved closer to the middle on the E and the P, and still, the big decisions are tough for me. (That's the P talking.)  At work I'm able to make application or process decisions with swift aplomb.  I could win contests on my ability to shop quickly.  (If only there were such contests.)  But ask me where I see myself in five years and I'll stare at you blankly.  I guess it's not so much that I can't decide as much as I can't articulate it.  How do you say, "I want to effect change, lead a big team, and do cool stuff" without sounding like you're high and would you please pass the Doritos, man? 


Where in this world should I go on vacation?