M C, Day 4 / by vanessa

Good news on the mostly-fasting front: it's getting easier. To the point where it was already 3:00 and when I realized I was hungry. I told Christine, "Oh dude, I gotta go eat lunch." Or drink it, as it were.

My friend Kristin told me today (rockstar did it for 11 days) that after day 6 you get high. To be clear she followed that with, "Well, I mean, I don't know if you get that way with fruit juice." Holy Jesus I'm only drinking three classes of green - no sugar added - juice a day. If I don't get something outta this, bodies will be found.

I should tell you that nearly every thought is focused around this cleanse. Even when I'm working I'm constantly like, "only x more days." A nobler, more enlightened me would kick this like Gandhi did when he looked at fasting as a privilege. He even had a bunch of gratitude around it and shit. Clearly I'm not there yet.