M C, Day 2 / by vanessa

Yesterday can best be described as CRASH AND BURN. By 3 p.m. I pretty much wanted to pull out all of my own hair, follicle by follicle (and everyone's around me just for being alive). I left the office in near shambles at 5:05, laid down to take a "nap" at home at 5:30, and woke up at 6:30 this morning. Yep. 13 hours of sleep.

I texted my friend Scarlett today (who's been living in a tree for the last week, but that's another story) briefly telling her I think I'm going crazy. She said, and I quote, (remember, this is texting, folks):

"master cleanse is waaaay tooo intense 2 try & do & be aprt of the real world. u gotta lock urself in the house 4 the first 3 days. at least. then nap whenevs."

I drank fruit juice, friends.

Am I a failure? Maybe for other reasons, but not this one just yet. Today was easier than yesterday, and I suspect tomorrow will be easier than today.

Lessons learned: do master cleanse when you don't have to like, think.