lost is back / by vanessa

Tonight Dre and I went running. We ran down Wilshire and because this is LA there was a red carpet outside some nightclub. Ludacris was standing in front. I waited for a while to tell Renee b/c I didn't want her saying, "What? It is? Really?"


Blogging's on a dry spell. Life's been rough lately. So in an effort to make myself feel better, I'm going to write about things I hate. Which is probably counter-intuitive (or, just plain f'ed up), but I'm not in any position to argue with myself tonight so here goes.

1. Superfluous smiley faces. These are especially annoying after its author has just lobbed a funny insult. Have some balls and take the chance that someone won't know you're joking. I can say this, of course, after alienating a whole mess of people thinking I'm being funny while the recipient just thinks I'm rude. I'd say it's worth it. :-)

2. The fact that I've written the unnecessary smiley face oh, about a hundred times.

3. Face-lifts. I just get all nervous around them.

Okay, I tried. That's all I got. Sweet dreams.