Local Tourist / by vanessa

On Friday for our company's quarterly meeting, we all met out in Malibu to do a ropes course. I admit it, I was skeptical at first. Anyway it was so much fun! For one of the challenges, we had to climb atop a telephone pole, stand on it, turn, and jump off, hitting a bell on our way down. Did I mention it was a telephone pole?! I was chicken. My legs were shaking wildly and I kept thinking, I am SO scared, why am I so scared? I was going through this therapy session in my head where my brain was trying to tell my nearly convulsing body that I had nothing to fear, I was harnassed in, no one's died yet, blah blah blah. But fear's got a loud voice and there's no logicking (that's a word, right?) your way around it. So I had to just jump. And then I felt great. As Dre said (who also did it): it was easier to jump than it was to stay on the pole.

After our ropes course day, we went to our happy hour at Malibu Inn. Dre started screaming when we rolled up b/c the sign was advertising Rhett Miller on Saturday night. She's a big Old 97s fan. So last night we went back to Malibu Inn, wore the wrong shoes, paid 20 bucks and watched a clever Texan charm the crowd. Here was a highlight for me, so suuuuper cool. He's playin his solo and band hits, and then he says, "In my humble opinion, this is the greatest rock song ever written," and busts into.... wait for it.... WAVE OF MUTILATION!!! Can you believe it? Oh yeah, and then some guy proposed to his girlfriend after Rhett sang Question. Dink.