let me sing you a waltz / by vanessa

I know you're supposed to look at other peoples' flaws with a much smaller lens than the one you use on yourself but I have got to get this off my chest. And just to even it up, I'll throw in a few of the annoying things I do. Okay, here goes: It really bugs me when people clip their nails in public places. When I hear that nasty click-click-click of the clipper, all I can think about is toenails. Second, why won't you wash your hands after using the bathroom? How can you just casually pass by the sinks after leaving a stall? What you do in the privacy of your own home is cool since I don't have to know about it, but at least humor the rest of us and pretend you care about hygiene. Thanks.

Three annoying habits I've got (and I'm sure my friends/co-workers can come up with many more).

1. I chew on the phone. (Rude.)
2. I tap my teeth with my fingernails. (Hav HATES this.)
3. I twirl my hair incessantly -- which could be one on its own -- and when strands are on my shirt I throw them on the ground instead of in the trash. (Eww.)

I feel like I just went to confession. That was great.