lazy like sunday night / by vanessa

Dre was out of town this weekend and I had the best intentions: I would clean so that we wouldn't have to get the housecleaners back in. Well, I did most of my laundry, and picked up several furballs left around the living room from my rug-who-thinks-she's-a-cat. Sadly, my contributions are barely noticeable. I should have mixed some No-Doz and Coke (cola, that is -- this bein' LA and all, I figured I should clarify) circa junior high to get the real work done. And then I took a big fat nap at 7 tonight which means I'll be up till 3, so I have some time to blog.

Saw a bunch of my family on Saturday. My cousin graduated from college, and my aunt had a party then all my other aunts came in to celebrate. I haven't seen most of them in decades. Decades! You'd think since I've been living in LA for 11 months this wouldn't be the first visit. Nuh uh. What's cool though is that this weekend I drove away thinking: I really like my family. I know, shouldn't be surprised but -- except for my aunt Janice (holllaaaa!) -- we're not that close. And now, I'm excited to see more of them. How is it with family that you can know so little about each other and yet feel so connected?


You should know that it's been 2 1/2 months since I've had treats. 9 1/2 more months to go. I've been a good girl. Rats that there's this new homemade cookies and ice cream store in Kristin's hood called Milk which made me realize: I HAVE NINE MORE MONTHS TO GO.


Oh, check this site out. It's rad.
Okay that's it... I gots nothing tonight.