LA is weird. / by vanessa

No surprise to anyone breathing, but sometimes the obvious must be stated. It makes that which isn't stated so much more mysterious. Or not. Anyway, LA is weird for, among a million other reasons, the fact that The Grove lit their Christmas tree tonight. The Grove is like Vegas for shoppers, which is not so much an excuse as an explanation. There were "celebrities" on hand because even supermarkets don't open here without reality tv people making appearances. Apparently, the tree is taller than the one at Rockefeller Center. Okay I don't want to be a grinch but for real, it's not even Thanksgiving. I know it's hack to bemoan the shrinking Thanksgiving window but what the...??? Thanksgiving is like my favorite holiday right behind Arbor Day and I can't even find so much as pilgrim pinata that isn't garnished in a Christmas wreath. I would not even be surprised if Ralph's started selling Butterball turkeys with miniature Santa hats where the head was.

HUGE thank you to Kristin who keeps it real yo. We were celebrating her birthday tonight and yet I'm the one who left feeling like it's my lucky day.

Then I went to see the new studio where I'll be teaching. I LOVE IT. It is still coming together and yet it already feels grounded and calming.

And finally, April left today. Wahhh. We had such a good time. I like her because she always laughs at my jokes. I'll post a picture of the three of us from this weekend as soon as I get one.