Kombucha Report #3 / by vanessa

In the event you thought my kombucha reports had fallen by the wayside, fear not! I won't rest until every commercial kombucha in the land has been tasted, assessed, and documented.

Enter The Rejuvenation Company's kombucha.

I tried these guys before back when I lived in Cambridge. I was hesitant to give 'em another shot but oh I'm forgiving so why not? First off, the packaging --points for using a recyclable PEET bottle, which they profess to be more environmentally-conscious than glass since apparently it takes less energy to break down PEET than glass. Is that a dig at GT's? I don't know but it doesn't matter 'cause the kombucha's what we're judging here. Right. Getting on with it, then...

Okay RC, here's the deal -- you know I'm a sucker for buzz and yours is at least palpable so points there. And, since I could swallow you like a compliment you get another few for un-slimy-ness. Which leaves us with taste. Dannnnnggg, why ya gotta be so sweet? I should be able to drink kombucha without feeling like I need to cut it with salt. Therefore:

Buzz-factor: 2.5
Taste: 1
Un-slimy-ness: 3
Total: 6.5
Being eco-friendly (or at least advertising that you are): .5
Revised total: 7

P.S. Update on High Country. If you'll remember, I reviewed it here; I was not impressed. Last weekend my friend Leslie convinced me to try it again. "I like it better than GT's, dude..." she argued "...plus the guy's from Boulder." (Which explains why they call it HIGH Country since we know it's not from the buzz.) Anyway, I was willing. And I'm still right. To be fair, she picked Goji flavor and I'd rather chew on batteries than eat gojiberries. Regardless, I'm not feelin' it.

P.P.S. Before you go getting all hopped up about my kombucha reviews, chill out. It's KOMBUCHA for chrissakes. Put it in perspective.