just one of those days... / by vanessa

It's a really rainy morning here. Driving to work today the weather reminded me of home but the flatness of north Austin kept me firmly planted in the present. I then found myself daydreaming that instead of driving to an office park in the midst of hundreds of office parks, I was looking at Queen Anne, the Space Needle, the sound. As daydreams go, I-5 was uncharacteristically free of traffic of course.

I like my life here -- I love the studio I teach at, the people I work with, adore all of the friends we've made -- sometimes I just wish I had more time back home amongst the mountains and water.

So I rolled into work, got a disappointing phone call, that I was sure I wouldn't get. As I set about trying to understand the universe's plan for me, I'm wondering: is rationalizing disappointment just a way of making myself feel better?