instead of packing or working right now, i'm watching a friends rerun which is sad b/c i didn't even watch it when it was on the air / by vanessa

I literally *just* heard this on the nightly news: "...The study also proves that the [Teen Abstinence] program is a $1.5 billion failure." No shit, really? Preaching abstinence is ineffective in preventing teens from hooking up?! It just doesn't make sense.


For the writing group, I have been trying to articulate *exactly* what freedom means to me and then Scarlett whips out the following (courtesy of Shakespeare):

"I want freedom of the full expression of my personality."

Dang. That's the clarity I've been looking for. It got me thinking -- how'd he get there? Who was Shakespeare's writing coach? Did he write his morning pages even when all he could think of was a measly "wherefore" and got stuck trying to answer his own question of whether or not he should be? (Okay, that was hack.) Did he work out in his writing group all the things in life that he'd prefer to leave in his head like precisely *what* about the girl in the Catwoman suit pissed him off? Or did he have some other trick for getting at the good stuff so he could write in one simple sentence what I've been trying to articulate for ohhh... a YEAR?

Anyway, I love the group and our coach. (But not in that way.) I'm not sure what will be on the other side of this but the process feels right.


As the title suggests, I should be packing right now (I just finished work) since I leave for Austin tomorrow but what the hell? Why buck tradition.