India - Day 3 / by vanessa

Dear Baby Jesus Krishna,

I am sorry I thought malaria was only for hypochondriacs and Republicans. I believe you now. When I woke up this morning (at 3 a.m., mind you, after working until 1:15), with that HUGE mosquito buzzing around my head in joyful mockery, I realized I could be wrong. You know how much it takes for me to admit that, JesusKrishna, which is why, in the absence of a vaccination, I’m asking for mercy. If your provenance is not enough to spare me, then let me get away with stealing Karen’s malaria pills when she’s not looking.

I suppose this is also a good time to confess that I really like it here in India. Not enough to say, marry it, but definitely enough to sleep with it. A few times. In fact, there’s lots of stuff on my list of Indian-things-that-make-me-smile. Here’s said list (in no particular order):

1. I like how Hyderabad looks all Land of the Lost with Microsoft campuses. I half expect to catch a ride on a pterodactyl between office buildings.
2. I like the salutation of “namaskar” or “namaste” by everyone from our drivers to the security guards who check my handbag for bombs.
3. I like the humility, the openness, and the kindness of the people here. I could learn to be as laid back.
4. I like how when your flight attendant makes another passenger switch seats so you can sit by yourself and then tells you “Yes ma’am, it is no problem,” he really means it.
5. I like the colors of the saris, the occasional dhoti, the deep soulful eyes. I like how happiness comes in a few rupees.
6. I like my new friend, Rajiv, who took Christine and me on a detour in Chennai today instead of driving us back to the office. I especially like that he prepared an alibi for us, which only required me to play dumb. I like how easy it is for me to actually play dumb.
7. I like how every meal is Indian food.
8. I like Drunk (or at least Drinking) Frank.

That’s all. I just overslept and missed a bunch of meetings. As tired as I am, I’m still a lucky girl. I’ll be even luckier, JesusKrishna, if you’ll make sure I don’t get malaria on my face.