In this life and the next life and the one after that... / by vanessa

One of the things I love about the yoga/wellness/spiritual industry is that it's always focused on growth.  One of the things I hate about the yoga/wellness/spiritual industry is that it's always focused on growth.  As in, "You're great just the way you are.  Now change."

So I was tickled when I recently re-discovered this picture I snapped from a book a few months back.  It's such a lovely message.  I would make t-shirts out of it, but in this life I'd prefer not to get sued.

On a similar note, I wish there was a national registry for Spiritual Progress.  It'd be great.  It would work just like telemarketing lists:  call up and add your name to the list to opt out and then boom! you'd never have to be solicited again by well-meaning friends who didn't realize that you didn't ask.  And if someone started to subtly prescribe the latest workshop, new age guide, yoga pose to fix your chakras, your prana, your life... well you could just point to the registry and be all, "I'm sorry, I'm on the Do Not Evangelize list.  In your face!" 

In the most polite way possible, of course.

I should mention that I've totally been that well-meaning friend.  Repeatedly.  And I'll probably do it like a million more times without realizing it 'til afterwards.  Oops.