I'm sick. (And other news.) / by vanessa

Last Thursday I was at lunch with our team. We were talking about allopathic preventative medicine. I mocked vaccines, snubbed my nose at flu shots, and derided ibuprofen as "those sissy pills." I never get sick, I bragged. Young B knocked on the wooden table. "You're jinxing yourself," he warned. Freshman. (Technically he's a sophomore now, but this is about me and more importantly, about you feeling sorry for me.) So here I am, almost four days later, coughing up my right lung and nasty green stuff. It's very attractive. My head hurts and I don't want to go to work tomorrow.

Oh, and since I ended up cancelling my Austin trip this weekend, I took the opportunity to catch up on movies by myself. (This way I get strangers sick and not my friends.) I saw two. Go see this one -- Brief Encounters with Hideous Men. The closing monologue is such a beautiful piece of writing. Days later I'm haunted by its depth. Why did DFW have to kill himself? I don't understand.


Motherscratch. Ryan made these awesome stickers for DBT, we've been posting them, and then? The questions didn't post b/c we got the mailto address wrong. Awesome testing on our part. Oops!

Here's an example of one of the styles he made: