i'm pissed / by vanessa

Guess what the Boston-area Whole Foods just got? Kombucha. That's right. And not that weak shit that's been trying to pass itself off as the real deal for the last 9 months I've been here. They've got GT's!
Yeah I know the enlightened, compassionate, blah blah blah thing to do would be to rejoice for Bostonians that they may now enjoy the sweet elixir that is GT's Grape-or-Strawberry-or-even-the-new-Greens-flavored kombucha. But I'm just not feelin' it. I bought a stupid cooler just so I could carry several of the drinks back from Austin and LA on my frequent trips this past year. I even called the company shortly after I got here and begged -- begged! for them to find a way to get it out east. I counted proximity to kombucha as one of the merits of moving to LA. Now what???
I'm trying to mark things off my list of must-dos before I leave this fine city (I can't bag on it anymore now that I'm leaving. It just wouldn't be decent. Unless that last rant counted as bagging, which it didn't.) So last night I went to dinner at Pho Republique and then out to Soul Revival. I remember my friend Joslyn telling me before I moved here that Soul Revival was "about the only cool thing in Boston". Well, I do like Walden a lot and the Hi Rise and the studios, of course, but she's right -- SR is pretty cool. Chanel and I were totally mesmerized by this girl who was dancing with a primal aplomb I've never before witnessed in person. It was like she had three distinct sections of her body -- shoulder and head, torso, and then hips, and they were all spinning separately, but in beautiful unison. My DJ brethren also rocked it - I got some great ideas for bootcamp music. I was going to ask him if I could take the helm but he was managing just fine on his own...
Tonight I met Roberto and Adam for dinner at Om. Kinda funny -- three yogis walk into a bar called Om for dinner. Speaking of bar, the bartender was really cool and mixed us up non-alcoholic fruit drinks to accompany our appetizers. I was thinking about how surprisingly easy it is not to drink now when I go out, and also how easy it is, as a result, to remember to take off my makeup before going to bed. Huh?
Adam has just finished law school and is on his way to northern India at the end of the summer to work for a human rights group. It feels like this is the end of one thing/ beginning of something new for the people around me as well. So there's Adam and India, Chanel's working towards her medical school pursuits, Kristen is in Tanglewood for the summer and then will be teaching full time upon her return, Dan G moved to San Francisco, and well, that's nearly all my friends here, so it seems like a lot of departures (except Bobu, who's not leaving but is seeing someone now so we've seen less of each other). It's that feeling of like we all just graduated high school and we're heading off to separate colleges.
The movers are coming in the morning. Walking to Harvard Square tonight, I had the sweetest memory of my first days here when I didn't know what it would feel like to be on my own, and I had what felt like the whole world in front of me. Back then, the new Death Cab was my constant soundtrack. Tonight, it was an Iron and Wine song, which felt as fitting for the end of my journey as DC4C felt for the beginning. I passed a sign that I first noticed after I had just moved here: "Never put a period where God has put a comma. He's still speaking..." In the end, I've not always made this the easiest on myself (e.g. my "horrible" birthday or when I lost my phone and whined about it for THREE LONG WEEKS!) but at least in my own mind, any of my self-induced drama pales compared to the sheer magic that I've experienced since last September. Even without a steady Kombucha supply.
Squirrel update! So I've been sleeping in lately and it's not just because I've given notice at my job. The squirrels have been suspiciously quiet. I thought they might be up to something so I mentioned it to my neighbor (the scientist) and as it turns out, he found them annoying too (apparently he's no early-riser either and they were hindering his sleep as well). He reported them to our landlord. If you'll remember, I opted to appeal directly to the squirrels before I took matters into my own hands b/c while I wanted my sleep, I didn't want them to be like poisoned or anything. Well the landord hired exterminators. I gasped as he was telling me this! What'd they do? I wanted to know as I was picturing big guns like out of Ghostbusters or something that sent noxious gas into the crawlspace between our units. It turns out they installed one-way mesh screens which allow them (the squirrels, not the exterminators, silly!) to exit but not to enter. He said that squirrels are considered too cute to kill. I'd like to suggest to rats, opossums, and the other less fortunate rodents that you get yourselves a better publicist. It's working for your squirrel kin.