i'm blogging because I'm supposed to be working / by vanessa

I have about a bazillion hours of work in my queue, so naturally I'm putting fingers to keyboard. I missed my stripper class - AGAIN and I'm feeling bitter about some internal projects I'm working on. And then tonight on my way home from the gym I decided the following:

I hereby declare I'm done bitching for at least the rest of the week. That's it. The thing is, I have the same amount of work regardless if I'm pissy or not, so why not just be cool? Exactly.


Someone I work with, whose expertise in this area I do not doubt, says that if you want to know about someone you don't check their call log, you check their text messages. Text messages, he posited, are the domain of flirting. I should be clear that the expertise I'm referring to is the nature of text messages. He didn't endorse stalking. I did an informal survey (w/ my roommate) and she agreed. What do ya'll think?


Okay sleepy.