If man is 5... / by vanessa

I'm back from NY. I'm really tired, but getting off a plane is sorta a rude way to get up so now that I AM up, I need a way to go back to sleep. Hence, blogging.

This was the first time in NY that I really felt charmed by the city. I pictured myself living there. (WHATTT?!!!) I liked how I walked everywhere (or took a cab ... I know, I know, there's a perfectly good subway), and how for lunch and breakfast I'd walk outside and the city felt so vibrant. I like how you end up socializing a lot after work. In LA, hanging with your friends usually means getting in your car.

As I said, I thought about moving, but I'm not a family girl, so I'd have no reason to live in the suburbs or Connecticut, which means there's not enough nature in my back pocket for me.

Last night my friend Christine and I went to meet my other friends Bianca and Christine at a bar in Midtown. Bianca got there ahead of us and called me:

"Vanessa? Have you been to this place?"
"No. Why?"
"Because it's Douchebag Central in here. They should rename this place 'Rapetown.'"

We left and went to Union Square.

Had to cut it early though because by last night I was shot. Speaking of "shot", umm, this guy walked up to me at the second bar and "bought" me a drink. Of WATER. This says either one of two things:

1. I think you're cute, but not cute enough for say, a vodka soda.
2. You look trashed. Here -- take this water. PLEASE.

My co-worker told me today that he thinks the guy was trying to be funny. Even if I could buy that, staring creeps me out. (Unless I'm attracted to you. Then it's welcomed.)

And finally... This trip I flew Virgin America for the first time, making me a VA virgin. Ha. Ha. The airline is kinda a W for the sky, except less high-end and more just irreverent and clubby. I'm actually tired of the way over-done trend where large corporations try to be my Facebook friend. Here's what I do like:

1. The TV on back of the seat in front of you is really an interactive media experience which also includes live TV (I watched Keith Oberman tonight) and gaming. This is cool until the kid behind your seat keeps pushing at your head b/c he's playing some video game. I gave him a friendly, yet firm glare that said "I'll cut you if you don't stop." I'd make a great mom.
2. You can chat through a key pad at your seat with other passengers either via Chat Room to discuss movies ya'll are watching or direct seat-to-seat chatting. I didn't have any friends on the flight, and chat rooms are for pervs and 12-yr-olds, but I like the idea.
3. You can order and pay for food w/ your cc right from your seat -- you get a decent menu to order online and then the attendant brings it to you. Super easy.
4. On the channels, your choices include (among others) Current TV and Sundance. Tonight I watched a Pixies documentary which reminds me that "Wave of Mutilation" -- the slow version -- is also in my Top 5.

Okay, now I'm tired. G'night.