i should be in bed by now... / by vanessa

Today is Lo's bday. Happy Birthday Lori! You are the raddest chick I know. (I guess since I'm typing this after midnight, technically your birthday's over. It still stands.)


In other news, today was also the kick-off of the SXSW wristband lottery in which 4000 LUCKY saps pay $139 each for the privlege of standing just outside the door to hear Vampire Weekend even though they've been waiting in line for 3 hours while the badgies waltz in. Don't get me wrong - I still want that honor. And here's my first annual prayer begging for wristband love (This is the absolute lowest I'll stoop. Seriously):

Dear Jesus,

Remember me? I talked to you last year when I needed something. Anyway, that's all water under the bridge. Please let me "win" a wristband.

Thanks Jesus!