hug it out / by vanessa

When Dre and I moved into this place we had an on-going "discussion" about TV. The building we're in now is limited to satellite with a 3 year commitment. I argued that a daily dose of Young and the Restless wasn't a good enough reason to get suckered into a contract that lasts longer than most marriages. I pictured my own life in the absence of TV -- Oh! the creative oats I'd sow. I'd be the hallmark of culture, the doyenne of domesticity! Host tea parties with ascots and sweetbreads; chair my own reading group.

She acquiesced, and the past four months have been really great. In between the smart gatherings and headlining the Society pages, I've read three novels, finished my screenplay, and have mastered Italian and the guitar.

Kinda. Not really.

It's probably slightly more accurate to say I haven't done squat. I mean, I've read approximately zero books, give or take one. Do magazines count? I'm not really any closer to finishing my play/show than I was in April. I suppose I'm still staring at my uncle's guitar instead of learning it.

But, these are the kinds of opportunities I live for! These are the moments that afford us the chance to course-correct; to align ourselves with our highest intentions; to make good on all that we're capable of.

Or I could say, "F*ck it. Entourage is on in a month, holmes" and order TV.

I like Turtle.