How street art stole my heart / by vanessa

A little over a year and a half ago, Ryan and I started a street art project.   Our first installation was an ode to Los Angeles, a piece under an overpass on Franklin, just west of Vine.  We wanted to basically high-five LA and acknowledge its place in the pantheon of creative culture.   

In the months since it's been up, miraculously the city of Los Angeles has maintained it:  more than just not taking it down, they have kindly removed graffiti that was placed around and on it.  I feel like that's unheard of.


Since January, I've traveled a lot for work.  I've mostly been on the East Coast, in Hoboken, NJ from Monday through Friday.  While I love New York City (a seven-minute subway ride away),  there is nothing like living somewhere else to make you cherish things like your bed, your friends, and of course, your city.  And my heart melted, like slid onto the street, when I ran past this new installation, posted on the overpass right next to ours.


I couldn't have said it better myself.