hopscotch / by vanessa

Today I started Week 3 of The Artist's Way.  It's a 12-week experiment I'm doing with three of my favorite people.   Each week you read a chapter, do some journal-type exercises, take yourself on a date (alone, in case that wasn't obvious), and write daily "morning" pages (so called because you write them first thing in the morning when the most clever thing you can put on a piece of paper is "blah").  (Is that punctuation correct, Jos?)   The morning pages and the solo dates have been the easiest.  I guess maybe because I like to write (even when it's sludge) and seeing movies by myself is like, the best.  So, it's the weekly journaling exercises that get me.  I do them, begrudgingly.   I read at the beginning of the book that the author said that you should finish at least half of them (there are 10 each week) so guess what my standard is?  Yep - 5.  (Although this week I was really ambitious -- I completed 9.)  Anyway, I'm inspired to keep going because it's a challenge and stuff.

I have been watching The Bachelor religiously.   My favorite is Gia mostly b/c she's the cutest dresser.

***CLu:  Hearts for you, man.  Uhhh, I did in fact write "Catcher AND the Rye."  I love it when I do that sh*t.