Hi, my name is Vanessa and I'm a recovering yogi. / by vanessa

Holy Krishna.  I haven't been this excited about a new project in a while.  Since at least June. My friend Joslyn had the brilliant idea last Spring to create a web community for people to talk about how ummm... funny the New Age industry can be, and specifically yoga.  To a yoga teacher, this can feel heretical.  It's not.  I wholly believe that a privilege of being human is to laugh at oneself and maybe others while you're at it.  So she called the site Recovering Yogi, and I'm honored to say she's using my drawings throughout the site.  And my writing.  And my creative perspective.  And still, I'm most stoked about the artwork.  We've collaborated on a lot of it, so in many ways it feels like a natural expression of our friendship.  How lucky is that -- to get to do your favorite things with your best friends?  To boot, our friend Leslie has joined the mix so now we're a bonafide trifecta.  As if Mcsweeny's wasn't enough.

Several years ago I went to this awesome psychic who told me that I'd be a famous writer (they NEVER say those things to ANYONE), but that it wouldn't be on my own.  He said that instead, I'd be part of an established group of women.   It's been a while since that session, and in the interim I've met about ten wicked inspirational girls.   I always assume I'll work with each of them.  Incidentally, this psychic story is exactly the kind of thing I'll be making fun of on www.recoveringyogi.com.

Oh, and I almost forgot!   I was going to save this for my new site, but in the meantime, guess what?!

Okay, I'll tell you.  I'm easy like that.  (And only that.)  We've got t-shirts coming.  They'll be sold on my site, and featured through Recovering Yogi.  Sooo cute.  Organic and all that other sustainable stuff.   Peep 'em:

It is the virtues, not the faults...which constitute one's true legacy. -- Gandhi