heaven, please. / by vanessa

Quick post b/c bedways is bestways. I climbed upside down on the pole tonight in dance class! It was so much fun! And I can now officially scale a pole with shocking aplomb and then land in splits. Mom would be so proud.

The spins and stuff got my number, while the climbing and flexibility, (thanks, yoga!), are easier for me. Anything that takes grace and rhythm = homework and by 'homework' I mean I'm retarded. Speaking of retarded, I know I should grow up and use more p.c. words. Is there a good substitute for it though? Seriously - I'm all ears. I've tried 'mental' but it doesn't pack the same punch. Plus, then schizos might think I'm talking about them and things could turn ugly. Suggestions? For real because I've been thinking a lot lately about ahimsa. Calling things 'retarded' seems like okay, maybe kinda a little (okay, A LOT) antithetical to that effort, and if Truth is found through ahimsa well I don't wanna be screwed.

And speaking of ahimsa -- and I promise, I'll stop -- when I was in Austin for SXSW, I saw a kid in Waterloo wearing a tshirt that said: MEAT IS MURDER. Tasty, tasty murder. That's just wrong.