Headful of Hollow / by vanessa

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I'm still sick. But at least now I have drugs. Being kinda a yogi or whatever, I have spent much of the last 8 years eschewing over-the-counter-this, prescription-that on account of general snootery. In the past when I've been sick, the first thing I've thought about is the spiritual root cause and how I could move through the psychological things that might have given rise to illness. Secondly, I'd treat it naturally -- lots of rest, water, ginger, herbs, etc. It's been an effective approach, albeit slow.

But this week, having a full schedule at work and no time to go to the Whole, I finally gave in last night and downed a bunch of Theraflu. This morning I popped DayQuil. May I tell you that DayQuil Me is very popular? Twice today I was complimented on my focus and congeniality. This is remarkable since my brain feels like it's stuffed with cotton balls. I have no clue what I did to earn the praise, which means my only option is to develop a flu medicine addiction.