Happy New Year! / by vanessa

Happy Birthday, D! You light up my life and stuff.

I'm about to fall over from a case of extreme sleepiness so I'll make this quick. Austin = SO MUCH FUN. I taught three classes and had the best time! The energy was great in each of the studios and the students were totally amazing. What was even more awesome was that in every class I taught I knew people -- friends, former students, students who are now friends... teaching to people you know is like birthday cake and I do loves me some birthday cake. G'nell, Angela, Emmit, Tere, Kat, Jeanne (sp?) -- ya'll rock.


There are many ways to ring in a new year, and one of them is to write down your list of accomplishments for the previous year. For my crowning achievement of 2006, I'd like to post my schedule for this past weekend since it was the logistical equivalent of a Rubic's cube. Moving from Boston to LA was easier, but also a lot less fun.

Friday night 9:30: Arrived in Austin. Thanks Hav for waiting patiently. Beer helps, but it doesn't dull the boredom completely, so thanks. Met April, Lance, and D at Alo's house. Ryan came over. We all got in the rent-a-car and headed over to D's house to see Lo. Hung out. Went back to A-Lo's and crashed.

Saturday a.m.: Took Sean's class at Bodhi. Loved it. My friend Caroline was also in class which was perfect since I'd planned to see her anyway. Met Jenny for lunch. Went to the airport to pick up my car. Saw Hav off. Met April at Anthro for shopping. Met Jenny and Inga out for dinner. Happy Birthday Inga! Met Johnking (yea!) out for drinks. April, Lance, Renee (she's only 'Dre' when we're in LA), Eileen, and Eileen's bf and his friends showed up. Drank lots of champagne. Went to bed. (I left the bar before going to bed though.)

Sunday: Taught at Bodhi. Good times. Charlie (Hannah's best friend) came in from Houston w/ his fiance. So very cool to see him. It was awesome! Went to Ruth's. We had a New Years ceremony. Energy. Cool. Went to NYE dinner w/ Renee, Eileen, Ryan, Eileen's bf, April, Lance at PF Changs. Before you bag on chain restaurants for NYE - know that a couple of times a year Austin gets a little big for its Wrangler britches. One of those times is NYE and every restaurant has prix fix (sp?) menus that are like $65 for food I won't eat. So yeah, PF Changs bitch. There for 3 hours then Apes, me, and Lance went to her friend Paige's where it was confirmed that only April finds me funny. Boys? Not so much. Happy New Year. Streamers. More champagne.

Monday (I know this is 2007 so technically it's not last year's accomplishment, but this is really good so I'm countin it): Woke up, got outta bed, dragged a comb across my head. Taught at Breath and Body. Loved it! Margaret came to class and Desirae, Bekah, and Malia! Had coffee w/ Malia. Had lunch w/ Terry and Brenna. Took Hannah's class (my legs are sore!) - finally met her adorable bf Mark. Went to teach at Yoga Vida. Happy Birthday Charlie! Went to see Inga's baby Luc and Jenny's daughter, Lily. Went to Margaret's for dessert. Met her bf Matt (very sweet). Went to meet Renee and P out for beer at Crown&Anchor. Went back to April's where I actually did some laundry before finally crashing.

So you see, I'm sleepy. I'll spruce this baby up tomorrow night.


P.S. 2007 is going to be a really, really good year. I can feel it.