Happy Anniversary to me! / by vanessa

I've hit the five year mark. It seems like just yesterday I wrote my first entry. Actually it doesn't. Not at all. I've been writing for freakin' ever. Since you were born. I started to count the posts but didn't get very far. *cough*English major.*cough* Anyway, I never know who's reading and I always assume it's no one, so if you're reading this, thanks. It's cool of you. (Update: I just checked the dashboard. 590. 590 little pieces of joy.)

I've started a list of words I have trouble spelling or grammatical mistakes I make frequently. Can you relate?

  • palette / pallet
  • loathe vs. loath
  • that vs. which

Tonight's the full moon and lunar eclipse. Because I'm all new agey I set my intentions then burnt them. I wished for the balls to clip someone who always posts about hating Obama. Not because I actually care if someone likes him or not, but because it's annoying that there's no way to hide status updates through the mobile FB client. Maybe I should wish instead for the FB team to create a more robust iPhone app. (I just said that to be nice.)