Guns suck. / by vanessa

When will people realize that gun proliferation is NOT working, and maybe, just maybe, we should try something else? In the wake of the CT elementary school tragedy, there are, of course, arguments across FB and Twitter about gun rights. Pro-gun nuts suggest that if citizens had been armed at the elementary school, then maybe this tragedy wouldn't have occurred. As a person who could qualify for a gun license, I have zero desire to ever carry a concealed weapon. As a person who goes to public places like malls (when I can't avoid it), I also have zero confidence in common citizens to somehow thwart a gunman on the loose. Friendly fire is a thing. It happens. Even with the best intentions. And if we need an example of the havoc caused when citizens take the law into their own hands, look at Florida's disastrous "Stand Your Ground" law.

We are not living in the eighteenth century anymore, and at some point our thinking and laws should reflect that.