Guess Who's Back? / by vanessa

Okay one looonnnngggg weekend later and here I am. I had the BEST time at SXSW. To describe it would be futile so I'll give you a rundown of events. I'll let you imagine the fun. (Think big.)

Friday: Sonya and the girls, Jenny, and Alo at the Whole. My favorite people at my favorite place for eats. Day shows -- Fratellis. Tried to get into Fader party. Lines long. Left, got dinner w/ all our friends. Maggie Mae's - Page France. I love when you see a band you've never heard of and it's a great show. Sloane at Dirty Dog. Dirty Dog photo booth. Will post. SoundTeam at Buff Billiards. Lance and Mike ate corndogs from the buffet table. Nasty pizza at 2 a.m. Bedways.

Saturday: Day shows -- umm yeah, I slept through most of them. Went to gym and a steam. Home Slice for day shows. Wore a bunch of green. Dinner at Vinnie's (great strategy). Four super balls. Nap. Cedar Street. Waiting in line at Parish. Couldn't wait. Barcelona. Dancing. What? During SXSW? That's right and totally fun. April: robot. Habana Calle for +/-. Another fine example of catching a pleasant surprise. The thing is, you see 30 bands to see 2 or 3 memorable shows which keep you coming back. Mag Mud (ridiculous amounts of it) at 2 a.m.

Sunday: Sleepy. Ruth. Phillip. (Should have seen him much earlier in the weekend but circumstances warranted otherwise.) Waco. Mac n cheese. Chocolate pie. Texas lost. Jeans tight.

I didn't even get to see 1/4 of the bands I wanted to see but this year it was about just spending time with friends. So I'll be catching up on sleep and stuff for the next week.


Gandhi say something about a clear mind is only reached through a clear body and if so I think a detox is in order. Oy. I miss my yoga.