grrrr / by vanessa

I am in a really bad mood right now. The sort of mood where I feel like complaining about everything. I am exceedingly annoyed that I left my phone charger and Lulu jacket in Austin and the hotel still hasn't called me back. You don't need my jacket for chrissakes. More annoying than them not calling me back is that I always leave stuff behind. A short catalogue of things I can remember forgetting in either hotels, airplanes, or rental cars. I know the list is actually longer than this.

Sunglasses: 3
Cashmere scarf: 1
Jackets: 2
Phone chargers: 2
Running shoes: 1
Camera: 1
Journals: 1

What the...? I feel like I don't want to buy anything nice again because chances are I'll lose it.

This is where I sign-off to avoid sinking deeper into a hole of despair and general curmudgeonry. Is that even a word? Challenge me on it and I'm likely to spit at you.