Grey Series / by vanessa

So the reading the other night was fun.  It was held at The Anne Bonny, a super dope thrift-type shop owned by Spencer.  Apparently he holds music events there kinda often.  Anyway, to my delight, a yoga student of mine from LA came to add to the good-sized crowd drawn by Ben and Spencer.  Rundown:  Spencer opened with a song, then read some of his beautifully essential poetry, then closed with another song.  I followed Spencer with a reading of some fictionalized-ish auto-biographical essays.  Ben closed with two haunting, soulful songs from an album he's recording.  

Ryan video'd the whole thing but because we spent last night picking apart my reading and now I think of the my stuff as sadly amateur, at least my part won't be making its way on to You Tube.  Not yet.


Which reminds me -- Leslie is here with me.  We're having a great time, as evidenced below.  Currently we're sitting in a restaurant and I'm procrastinating on writing while she's reading People magazine.   We've made friends with our awesome bartender whom I call "Dave" because he looks so much like Dave Grohl.  Dave is making us drinks from the cobwebs of his mind.  Dave is good.