Got Nuffin / by vanessa

I got contacts for the first time today.  And since I put them in myself, I can only read half of this screen.  You see, I think I left my glasses on the plane.  Over the years I have left many, many things in rental cars and planes; things that hurt to see them gone.  But none of those rival in pain-in-the-assness my eyeglasses.  I didn't even really like my glasses, per se.  They frequently slid off my head, and when they didn't, they were loose enough so that when they weren't falling off, they were permanently perched at the tip of my nose so that I resembled a librarian.  A really uncute librarian.

So today I called the eye doctor.  I made the switch to contacts only because they told me it was quicker than waiting for new glasses (which are on their way).   All was well while I acclimated -- he put the first set in -- but then he made me take them out and put them back in and that's where things went wrong.  It *must* get easier.  Probably 10 yr olds wear contacts.   I should be able to manage this.

Kinda excited for LOST tonight.