Goals Schmoals / by vanessa

During our first Recovering Yogi Founders Summit back in December, we added setting personal goals to the agenda. We figured this was a good way to make sure that while we were actively moving toward our RY goals, we also are getting our own sh*t done. Here was my list:

I made this list December 18th, the day after I had finished up a four-year project at a studio. I had a three week break in between projects (being a consultant and all), and in the space of that weekend, I could only see the possibility in the year ahead.

In the the three and a half months since that list was made, I've been splitting my time weekly between Hoboken, NJ and Los Angeles. For the better part of this time I've been on simultaneous projects in both places. I have racked over 60,000 air miles. A short workweek for me has been 55 hours. In other words, it's not a glamorous life.

So today, when I sat at breakfast with Leslie and Joslyn to review and revise our personal goals, I hung my head in my oatmeal. I'm an action-oriented person. I make lists every day in an OCD way because I love the feeling of accomplishment from checking things off. And also because I'm Virgo (rising) (and moon).

When I penned these goals, I considered them long term, like, say, 6-12+ months. While it's not like I was expecting to have the big ones fulfilled, I figured I'd at least make some headway. Turns out, I haven't. Unless you count the lone five-mile run I did two weeks ago. Oops.

So I had to re-strategize. I don't like feeling like I haven't accomplished anything. More importantly, I think sometimes it's important to give yourself a break. Here is my new - and improved - list: