given to long bouts of dreaming / by vanessa

My friend Kim and I worked on some fun stuff tonight. I also needed her brain on this other project I've been doing. Basically I'm taking this box that my dad made, painting it, writing (more or less) a word on it, then illuminating the word w/ Christmas lights. I'm not sold on the word I already picked so I wanted a short word -- like 3 - 4 letters ideally -- because of the size of the box and the width of the lights. Kim came up with the phrase "Shh" which I thought was totally clever because it's a lightbox of sorts, and it's all telling people to be quiet. I like contradiction. But then I didn't want to offend the copious guests that I entertain every week. Still, I just googled "Shh" because the phrase remained with me, and look at what came up:

Ummm, what? Who writes a song about "do[ing] the Helen Keller?" More importantly, what does that look like exactly? Turns out 3OH3 does and it's a really horrible pop song. Now I know. Also turns out that there's a WikiHow for dancing like Helen Keller. (Alo, how did you not tell me about this?) This may be my favorite line from the wiki: "The band isn't making fun of anyone- not making fun of deaf/blind people....all the ignorant, uneducated people out there are who's making fun of deaf/blind people."


Happy Birthday, Dre! Remember those siiick cupcakes I got you yesterday? Hopefully their memory will make up for me not making you those cookies you asked for. I know I'm supposed to be doing one nice thing a day, and it's your birthday and all, but since I already talked to a stranger on the plane this morning, my quota's kinda met. Oops! You're probably on a sugar high right now anyway and cookies would be just over the top.