food is good. / by vanessa

Dude, Eileen's in town (this is Dre's sister) and she brought us Saccone's! For those of you that don't know, Saccone's is this amazing pizza that should be located on the corner Amherst and Santa Monica, but instead is far from my reaches on 183 in north Austin. It's prob just as well. Anyway, so all day I've been thinking about the two slices waiting for me. Reader, they were yum. Then I trolled the fridge for more (because everyone knows that yoga on a full stomach is so much fun) and I look to the counter and I see candy from the Whole in Austin! Damn that Eileen. Next to L2 in Montana, Whole Foods headquarters is one of my favorite places in the world. It's just goodness. But curses that I've sworn off candy for a year! It's been a month already which means I'm almost half way there otherwise I'd consider rescinding.

For most of the month, the avoidance of candy (desserts followed shortly), has been pretty easy. It's like, I made the commitment and the cravings disappeared. Unfortunately, every once and a while, the Spirits of Candy and Desserts come around to taunt me and I hear little voices like, "oh just chew the Chocolate Bubbalicious... gum isn't candy"... or I try to reason that the chocolate-covered marshmallow isn't really dessert. That sorta thing. When asked "what is the inner voice?" Gandhi answered that "it's both God and Satan and your actions determine which." This makes me wonder -- is Bubbalicious Satan but b/c I chose not to chew it that's good? If you haven't figured this out already, I'm totally neurotic, which is why I've gave up the candy and desserts in the first place.

Okay gots to go to yoga.. I'm so sleepy though. It's been a long week and I really just want to crawl into my new, clean sheets (the housekeepers came!!) and read something smart.