food, good. food coma? bad. / by vanessa

I spent this afternoon on a really great run at the ocean. As I jogged along the ocean path, I couldn't help but smile at how lucky I am. Truly. I am so lucky and grateful and blessed and yeah, all of that. Because I have a lot of time to think while I run, I was remembering last Thanksgiving and how I had like the worst holiday ever. It started out great -- I went to yoga -- and then it sorta fell apart from there. Here's what's funny -- I don't even eat turkey, but there's something about having it around me at Thanksgiving that I do like. Okay, so it's not the turkey, it's the people. Details... Anyway so after that class I cooked and then rode my bike to the theatre where I watched Harry Potter, which blew, and then early to bed. I'm in a much different place just a year later. It hit me that last Thanksgiving didn't suck, I was just feeling really sorry for myself. Instead of spending it by myself I could have volunteered OR I could have done a lot of things other than what I did, but there's something about being down that blocks perspective.

After running, Renee and I went to Kristin's. She was having an orphans' party with a bunch of her friends from SLC that she used to work with, their boyfriends, and then us. Which reminds me, her friends are as funny as she is so I'm not sure how they actually ever "worked" together.

Oh and last night I made pumpkin cheesecake and then today we made mashed potatoes so we brought those over. Omg. Back in Austin Sonya and I used to pride ourselves on our (respective) dinner parties, but I have to say, we could learn a thing or two. Kristin made FOUR PIES. Yep. All baked last night. Btw, here's her recipe for an amazing Lemon Pie:
7 egg yolks
2 cans condensed milk
1 c lemon juice (or key lime juice)
4+ t lemon (or lime) zest

Okay so I forgot to check if it's baked. I'll post the rest of the details later or maybe never, but it was GOOD. Oh and I met my dream guy except he's gay. Of course. And 23. Damn. His boyfriend (adorable too) is one of Kristin's back-in-the-day Utah friends. He's half Asian (which I love), and, drum roll please, he goes to Parsons! His influences are Thierry Mugler / Christian Lacroix. He might as well have told me he loves Gandhi too. Where was I? Oh yeah. He's gay.

So then ReneeDr. Dre (I keep forgetting she prefers her anonymity or something) and I were driving over to her friend Will's but the turkey hit her HARD and all she could think about was sleep. Thus our Thanksgiving is over and it's been a mighty good day.